20G Nose Hoop with Disk


  • 20G Nose Hoop with Disk.
  • Surgical steel hoops
  • Perfect for noses

20G Nose Hoop with Disk.  These are surgical steel hoops that are perfect for noses.  They come in 2 diameters.   The size you need depends on where your nose happens to be pierced.  If the hole is up high, you’ll likely need a larger diameter hoop.  If the hole is lower on your nostril, you will likely need a smaller diameter.  These hoops should be pinched closed so they don’t fall out. They are put in from the inside, then the disk rests inside the nose.

Metal Color

Blue, Green, Purple, Rainbow, Yellow, Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Steel


1/4" (6mm), 5/16" (8mm), 3/8" (10mm)


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