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Jacque Gibson - Owner

Hi, I’m Jacque. I have owned Silver Safari in the Valley Mall since 1999 and have been body piercing since we incorporated it into our business in 2001. Since then, I have personally done well over 7,000 body piercings! I have also directly trained or have overseen the training for all of our body piercing staff. I am very proud of the business we have built and the quality of work, customer service, and extensive inventory we are able to provide. It is a real privilege to work with a staff of such amazing, smart, and talented people! We travel to a variety of retails shows in Las Vegas, Tucson, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles to hand pick much of the inventory in our store. Our management team often accompanies me to find beautiful, unique sterling silver jewelry for our customers, as well as an extensive collection of body jewelry. I live in downtown Spokane with two neurotic dogs and I love calling Spokane home. Thank you so much to our customers for making our business so successful and for your continued loyalty and support! We love you all.

Kristin - Owner

Hi – my name is Kristin and I have been a loyal employee at Silver Safari since June of 2000. I am currently the general manager, partial owner, and body piercer. Silver Safari is an amazing place to work and I have been so fortunate to have been employed by such a great company over the years.

I started out in sales as a sales associate and worked diligently, which led to a promotion in 2004 to Assistant Manager and eventually on to the Store Manager in 2005. In 2009, I began body piercing, not only to expand my abilities, but also to learn something new and fun. More recently, in the fall of 2020, I stepped into the roll of General Manager and became a partial owner. Now I am charged with overseeing many aspects of the stores operations. I love my job; I enjoy being so involved in what merchandise the store carries, as well as the overall day-to-day operations. Travelling to Las Vegas and Tucson every year to handpick the majority of our stock is one of my favorite parts of the job! . 

I grew up locally, but was born in Seattle, Washington, moving to Spokane at a young age. I graduated from East Valley High School where I was very involved in many activities and sports. I have been an avid soccer player for over 20 years. I spend the greater part of my free time at the lake and have a passion for outdoor activities, specifically camping and riding ATVs . I am thankful to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends, and my terrific husband Rick and our amazing son Cameron!

Stephanie - Store Manager

Hey! I’m Stephanie, I have been working at Silver Safari since the spring of 2011. I love body art including piercings and tattoos, which is what lead me to this career. I started as a Sales Associate and then started my body piercing training in August 2013. From there, I became the Assistant Manager in September 2014 and more recently, in September of 2020, I was promoted to Store Manager. I absolutely love what I do!

I was born & raised here in Spokane and graduated from West Valley High School. I have the most incredible husband and two beautiful children. We like to spend our spare time outside – camping, boating, golfing or hitting the trails in our side-by-side.

Anna - Piercing Manager

Hey! I’m Anna. I began working at Silver Safari as a sales associate in February of 2015, and so far, I couldn’t be happier with the team I’ve joined. I am now a licensed body piercer and have been piercing since July 2015. In September 2020, I was promoted to Piercing Manager! I’ve always loved expressing myself through my appearance, so this is definitely the position for me! I’m so excited to start building relationships with our customers and providing the best service possible. I was born and raised in the Spokane/ Coeur d’Alene area. My main passion in life is photography, hoping one day to make it a career! I also love hiking, cooking, going on long drives, and cats!


Hey, I’m Mak! I started working for Silver Safari in April of 2015 and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a cool place. I took a little sebattacle and moved to New York City, but I’m so happy to be back in my second home with my second family. I love being able to help people and give them the best experience in the store as possible. I’m also a huge advocate for self expression through body art and having the confidence to pull off any jewelry you want!


Hi, I’m Saydee and I joined the lovely family of Silver Safari in June of 2017.  I got trained and started body piercing in April of 2019. I am a Spokane native, recent college graduate, mother of three, and self-proclaimed piercing fanatic! I love the challenge of my new position and really enjoy helping people feel beautiful and express themselves through body piercings.  I am committed to continuing to make each customer’s experience as excellent as I can possibly make it! I love the stores overall environment that is welcoming and is a place that you are able to express yourself freely! I want each customer that I interact with everyday to feel they were treated well and leave our establishment feeling that any and all questions and concerns were explained thoroughly and are satisfied with not only my customer service, but have the product that is best for them or piercing that they won’t regret! I look forward to serving you and continuing to be a part of this amazing team!


Hello, I’m Sarah! I have been part of the Silver Safari Team since August of 2019. I greatly enjoy being a part of a local business that provides an avenue for self expression.

Every customer that comes through the door has their own story. I pride myself in knowing those stories and helping the customer express that through a whole new look, or a subtle sparkle. I love a good challenge that allows me to use the tools available as a creative outlet.

I’ve always had an interest in the functions of the human body. Advising in the care and healing of a customer’s piercing is one of my favorite parts of this position!


Yo, I’m Shelby! I’m beyond stoked to be a body piercer at Silver Safari. I’m passionate about my own body modification journey so it’s really awesome to have the opportunity to help other people with their own positive changes! 

Outside of work I’m all about keeping it real! I like my alone time and spending time with my close friends and family. I love nature, animals, swimming, Halloween, reading, pressing flowers, getting spooked, faeries, drawing and anything that sparks my imagination. 

Come on in so I can pierce you and we can exchange paranormal experiences some time!


Hi. My name is Tori and I have worked at Silver Safari since June of 2019.  However, I have been a loyal customer of Silver Safari since 2014. 

I am a firm believer in expressing individuality through piercings, jewelry, crazy shoes, and fun hair color!  I spend my free time cuddling my cat named Homie and hiking with friends rain or shine.

I’d love to help you pick out a new piercing or help you find jewelry that you’ll love for life.  Come on in and see me!

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