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Meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff!


Hi, I’m Taylor! I’ve been a part of the Silver Safari family as a customer service specialist since October of 2016.

I’ve grown to love not only the beautiful and talented ladies I work with but also the wonderful company and every customer who steps foot through our door.

My favorite part of my job is the new opportunities that open up every day for me. One of my most recent accomplishments was my promotion to Sales Manager in September 2020! 

Whether I’m working with a customer to find the perfect jewelry or choose a cool new body piercing something new and challenging comes my way.

I was born and raised in Spokane and I’ve grown up here with my wonderful family. In my spare time I enjoy exploring the outdoors, playing with my dogs, and hanging out with friends. I am very excited for what is to come in my future here.


NEW Employee info coming soon!


Hi, I’m Mariah! I have always enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of Silver Safari and I’m glad that I am now a part of giving that same welcoming experience to others as I had received when I was a customer. I am passionate about self expression whether that expression is dramatic or simplistic. I’m happy to assist everyone achieve their own unique look. 
I am born and raised in Spokane. In my free time I tend to find myself outdoors soaking up as much sunshine as I possibly can. 


Hi. My name is Tori and I have worked at Silver Safari since June of 2019.  However, I have been a loyal customer of Silver Safari since 2014. 

I am a firm believer in expressing individuality through piercings, jewelry, crazy shoes, and fun hair color!  I spend my free time cuddling my cat named Homie and hiking with friends rain or shine.

I’d love to help you pick out a new piercing or help you find jewelry that you’ll love for life.  Come on in and see me!


Hey there! I’m Emma and I’ve been apart of the Silver Safari team as a customer service specialist since July of 2020. 

This has been an opportunity of a lifetime for me. From the customers to the family that has been established within the store I couldn’t feel more at home. 

I am a Spokanite born and raised. I went to  University High School participating in varsity debate and some theater productions, later graduating in 2018. I am an avid stay at home type of person so I spend most of my days taking care of my baby Edgar Allen Pug and watching Netflix. 

I’m stoked to be working here and hope to see you soon!


Yo, I’m Shelby! I’m beyond stoked to be a sales associate at Silver Safari. I’m passionate about my own body modification journey so it’s really awesome to have the opportunity to help other people with their own positive changes! I hope to continue to learn everything I can to potentially become a body piercer.
Outside of work I’m all about keeping it real! I like my alone time and spending time with my close friends and family. I love nature, animals, swimming, Halloween, reading, pressing flowers, getting spooked, faeries, drawing and anything that sparks my imagination. 
Come on in so we can change out your jewelry and exchange paranormal experiences some time!


Hiya! I’m Kendra and I have been apart of the Silver Safari team as a customer service specialist since September 2020. 

I am originally from Moses Lake, WA but have been here locally majority of my lifetime. I have always love changing it up differently or uniquely, whether it be hair colors, or piercings, so I am more than pleased to help others do the same through their body modification journey. 

I am another crazy cat lover and animals overall, they make me so happy! I have two cats, Milo and Mila, my dwarf hamster Asami, and come Christmas 2020 I welcome home a fur puppy. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I definitely love being extremely festive for all holidays. I also enjoy spicy and Italian food way too much. 

I’m very excited to be working here, so please come in and see me! We can bond over TVD and what your next piercings are going to be!

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